About Us

Tell me, are you a teenager wanting to get a driver’s license in Los Lunas and Albuquerque? Are you within 2 weeks of being 15? Are you too busy to make it to a Traditional Driver’s Education School?

If the answer is yes to any of the questions, The State of New Mexico has an approved Correspondence Schools that can help you get that Drivers' license you are wanting to get.

A+ Correspondence Schools can deliver Drivers Education classes in Los Lunas and Albuquerque to help students that are home schooled, extremely busy after school anytime in the year with either sports or academics endeavors, live in communities that are too far to get to a traditional Drivers Education class or have other extenuating circumstances.

If you are a parent or student with these types’ of issues then A+ Correspondence Driver’s Education is the way to get that driver’s license.

What's the process:

To be approved for Correspondence Driver’s Education you must first apply with the State of New Mexico Traffic Safety Division: ​http://transportation.unm.edu/youth/

  • Make sure to list A+ Correspondence as your school of choice.
  • Once approved by the State of New Mexico's Traffic Safety Division you and I will both get an approval email from them. In that email you will get an enrollment packet for my school. The last page has a form that gathers information that I will need to process paperwork for your child to be able to go to MVD and take the drivers permit test and for the Certificate of Completion which you will needed 6 months after you get a drivers' permit to get a provisional driver’s license.
  • Once the enrollment form with information gets to me and the fees have been received I will mail all course material and other relevant information so that you can start your correspondence class.
It's a pretty simple process, RIGHT!