Course Fee

  • Fee includes rental of Correspondence Book/Teacher support
  • Fee includes all mailing sent to the student.
  • Fee does not include the return of the Correspondence book. Parents must incur the price of returning the book.
  • Course fee is non-refundable upon book delivery.


Extended Rental Fee

  • The Correspondence course is designed to be completed within a 2 month time-frame . Should your student take longer the book must be rented monthly until completion of course.


Returned Checks

  • There is a Bank charge that occurs when checks are returned that I must pass on to you.


Replacement Certificates / Books

  • Should you misplace or lose your Certificate of Completion the State of New Mexico does not allow a duplicate of the Certificate that was issued. A new Certificate must be sent to replace the issued one.
  • Hard Cover books are expensive so to replace one I have to pay a good price for them.

$35 / $50

For more questions or help contact: / (505) 440 - 6751!