Abel Romero
I am a State of New Mexico approved School that specializes in Correspondence Drivers' Education for students in New Mexico High Schools that have unique needs such as schedules that are too busy to attend a traditional drivers' education class. My  goal is to provide great and prompt service. I am patient, friendly and take an understanding approach to teaching. My focus is on developing informed good behind the wheel drivers,  to ensure students are educated in basic driving skills, and well versed in the Rules of the Road. 
I am professional!
Drivers' Education Instructor
I am a trained and certified Correspondence specialist.
I obtained my BS degree in 1987, my MA  degree in 2007.   I have been an educator in New Mexico for the last 28 years.  I have a NM Level III teacher license and a  NM Level III administrators license.  I’ve coached High School athletics such as wrestling, baseball, and track for many years and know the time constraints that are placed on students in High School trying to gain academic or athletic scholarships. This correspondence program accommodates your time constraints. As a licensed teacher in the state of New Mexico you will have the opportunity to submit  a request to your school district for high school credit.