Abel Romero
I am a State of New Mexico approved School that specializes in Correspondence Drivers' Education for students in New Mexico High Schools that have unique needs such as schedules that are too busy to attend a traditional drivers' education class. My  goal is to provide great and prompt service. I am patient, friendly and take an understanding approach to teaching. My focus is on developing informed good behind the wheel drivers,  to ensure students are educated in basic driving skills, and well versed in the Rules of the Road. 
I am professional!
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    Course Fee
    + Fee includes rental of Correspondence Book/Teacher support + Fee includes all mailing sent to the student. + Fee does not include the return of the Correspondence book. Parents must incur the price of returning the book. + Course fee is non-refundable upon book delivery.
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    Extended Rental Fee
    + The Correspondence course is designed to be completed within a 2 month time-frame . Should your student take longer the book must be rented monthly until completion of course.
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    Returned Checks
    + There is a Bank charge that occurs when checks are returned that I must pass on to you.
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    Replacement Certificates/Book
    + Should you misplace or lose your Certificate of Completion the State of New Mexico does not allow a duplicate of the Certificate that was issued. A new Certificate must be sent to replace the issued one. + Hard Cover books are expensive so to replace one I have to pay a good price for them. +
    $35 / $50
For more questions or help contact: [email protected]/ 505-440-6751!